The Children’s Hunger Fund Foundation is a non-denominational Christian Foundation, incorporated in September, 1997. The Foundation has a two-pronged approach to its distribution programs. First, we are committed to reaching out to children in need around the world, in an effort to improve the conditions in which these children live. God has a special place in His heart for little children, and we believe we are His instruments in sharing His heart of compassion for the hurting and hungry. This passion compels us to invest financially and materially into the lives of some of our world’s most desperate children to bring them hope for a better tomorrow. Second, we are called to support the local church in introducing children to the love of God. In Luke 18:16, Jesus tells his disciples to “let the little children come to me” in an expression of deep love and compassion for the next generation. Wherever possible, we work closely with the local church to complete distributions of food, clothing, and other resources. This approach allows effective communication of the Gospel to those we serve.

Our program services are international in scope, focusing primarily on serving children in need in parts of the world that are difficult to access through traditional relief efforts. We provide physical support to children in need by sponsoring shipments of food, clothing, blankets, medicine, and other relief aid. In some cases, it has proven more effective to provide financial assistance for the direct care of children or to provide the means to purchase food and other resources in country, as opposed to shipping product from the United States. We place the highest value on being good stewards of the funds God has entrusted into our care. As a result, 99% of our funds are used in direct program services to needy children each year.